At MECC, we ensure that we pay undivided and meticulous attention to the safety of our workforce and consider the well-being of our employees to be of the highest priority. Creating a safe and healthy work environment is paramount to us and is a requisite in all of our ventures, thus it is one of the organization’s central guiding principles.

Some of our benchmark standard, innovative safety programs include:

  • The elimination of hazards and the negation of the probability of dangerous conditions  through the Safety Observation System that identifies such probabilities and teaches the workforce to correct unsafe behaviour through positive coaching
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manuals that serve to educate employees on the policies, procedures, guidelines, and practices for performing work safely

At MECC, our dedication to safety extends beyond the workplace as we stand firmly rooted in the belief that safety culture should be propagated beyond our job sites and offices and out into the community at large by demonstrating and communicating the importance of safety with family, friends, and neighbours.