Having evolved and grown from our humble beginnings to the renowned status we hold now, MECC has touched almost every element of the Bahraini skyline during that time, with a proud heritage of furnishing the Kingdom with iconic infrastructural components, resources and elegant developments. With the fruits of our illustrious history set in its glorious place, we now look towards the next phase of our development, each a simultaneous process of its own, which is to fulfill the aspirations and needs of our clients, shareholders, employees and indeed, the Kingdom of Bahrain. With the cumulative expertise of 14 countries tucked firmly under our belt, our employees all work towards the same inspirational motive of imbuing everything we touch with excellence.

To uphold the trust we have built over the years with our customers by throwing our full weight behind delivering exceptional performances from every member of our team and to build new, lasting relationships that transcend the norms in a client-company relationship by going beyond the conventional and creating a successful partnership that rewards plentifully.