“Teamwork makes the dream work” – John C. Maxwell


Through nearly 40 years of operations, MECC has been at the forefront of several major residential, commercial and industrial projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain, gracing almost every area of the Kingdom with ingenuity and a flair for the inspirational. As a result of the successful work we have done during this time, Bahrain has been intricately embellished by edifices of grandeur that are testament to our greatest strength, our devotion to the virtue of togetherness. We believe in the power of unity and it is solely through our well-placed and justified trust and confidence in each other that we have achieved much success. Therefore, it is more than deserved when I congratulate all our team members for the successes that we have enjoyed thus far and heap praise and gratitude on them for their perceived sense of passion and drive to succeed. It is only through the meticulous hard work, commitment to the job at hand and unrelenting attitude of all our staff and business associates that we stand in such a successful position today.

Rest assured, through all we have accomplished so far, this is just the beginning.

Fawzi Ali  Al Mahmoud

Change is an inevitable force of nature, one that needs to be wholeheartedly embraced in order to succeed.


As pioneers in the construction industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region, it has always been our obligation to innovate and move with the times, thereby cementing our place in local history as the harbingers of the modern age and all its benefits in the Real Estate and Property Development Industry. Even though we have 35 years worth of expertise and knowledge at our disposal, we at MECC, right through our hierarchy of management all the way to our workforce, never revel in the successes it has brought but are rather constantly on the pursuit of more feasible, economical, beneficial and modernized methods of accomplishing our goals and set targets. This has been the mainstay of our prosperous time thus far and the cornerstone of our exponential, incredible history of growth.

We now strive to continue in the same vein and have centered our professional doctrine on the continual and consistent upheaval and modernization of our services to reflect and adapt to the changing times in order to cater to the specific needs of our clients and provide only the latest in trends to them. Having done so, we now look forward to prolonging our distinguished history of excellence and consolidating our eminent position as leaders in the construction industry for a long time to come.

Ahmed Fawzi Al Mahmoud