At MECC, we believe! We believe in delivering benchmark standard products that go a long way in contributing to enriching the lives of the populace. We believe in building towards a future that has no parameters in its depth of excellence by incorporating modern aesthetics infused with timeless civil work architecture in every aspect of our creations, whilst never compromising on their functionality. We believe in offering utmost proficiency in the degree of our services, measured only in terms of our unmatched passion for unconventional and innovative beauty.

Boasting of nearly 40 years of experience in the Kingdom of Bahrain and beyond, we have overseen the rise of myriad developments that have engulfed whole areas in our relentless pursuit of perfecting the golden touch of success. Being one of the first and oldest civil construction companies in this beautiful island and the region, we are pioneers that have been constantly setting the standards over the years during our meteoric rise to our current position as leaders, and role models, in the Real Estate and Property Development Industry. But at MECC, we consider what we do to be a form of art and therefore, are never complacent in our triumphs, always pushing for greater heights, using our mastery and extensive knowledge to paint strokes of brilliance wherever we go.